• Accessibility

    According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) , Web accessibility consists on providing "universal access to the Web, regardless of the type of hardware, software, network infrastructure, language, culture, geographic localization and capacities of the users".

    The website of the University of Oviedo Foundation has been created following this concept and applying the directions given by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C, with the aim of facilitating access for everyone, especially for disabled people.

    Currently, www.funiovi.org ranks at the AA level of accessibility and continues to work on the implementation of accessibility guidelines to prevent that the design of the website from causing any inconvenience when accessing the information it contains.

    Any comments, questions or queries about this matter, can be sent to our suggestion box.


    The Spanish legislation decrees that websites that belong to public bodies must satisfy browsing and accessibility standards for people with disabilities and elderly people, abiding by the criteria of accessibility from the international sphere, included in the Web Accessibility Initiative of the website of the World Wide Web Consortium.

    • ROYAL DECREE 1494/2007, dated on the 12th of November, in which the Regulations for basic conditions for the access of people with disabilities to all technologies, products and services linked to the information society and social communication media are approved.
    • UNE 139803:2012. Accessibility requirements for website contents.
    • Law 34/2002, dated on the 11th of July, related to the services and e-trade of the information society.