• Paid Internships

    Do you want to join the job market? Do you wish to apply your knowledge to real situations in enterprises and institutions?If you have graduated from your studies at the University of Oviedo in the past four years, you are unemployed and you want a chance at a practical formation in an enterprise or institution that improves your perspectives of finding a job, we encourage you to register in our database and keep your curriculum up to date. This way we will be able to incorporate you into the open selection processes that suit your profile.

    These grants for paid practical formation, lasting between three to twelve months, comprise:

    • The services of the FUO, in charge of coordinating the offer of grants with enterprises and institutions and their economic and administrative management, performing all the necessary paperwork for the pre-selection, joining and supervision of the intern.
    • A minimum salary of €630 per month.
    • Affiliation and contribution to the class="contenidoDestacado">Social Security.
    • Civil responsibility insurance policy.
    • Features of the grants of Internship Formative Program in Enterprises of the FUO (+)
      • Duration: a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12.
      • Paid with at least €630.00 per month.
      • Maximum of 40 working hours per week.
      • Insurance:
        • Affiliation and admission into the Social Security Service, according to the requirements of the Royal Decree 1493, which implies an assimilation into the general regime and the contribution for common and professional contingencies. This will not count towards the unemployment insurance, professional formation or the Social Warranty Fund (FOGASA).
        • Policy of Civil Responsibility. 
      • The development of the formative process does not establish any kind of working relation between the hosting enterprise and the intern.
    • Procedure for the processing of a grant through our Program (+)
      1. The enterprises will sign with the University of Oviedo Foundation a Framework Agreement for Collaboration, initially valid for 3 years, but which may be renewed tacitly.
      2. Once the agreement is settled, the enterprises may send their offers of grants through the online application of the FUO. 
      3. The FUO will publish the offer of grants in the NEWS section of its website so that people who are interested in the offer may register on it through the website of the FUO.
      4. The FUO will preselect those candidates that fit into the profile required by the corresponding offer, and the enterprise will finally select the best candidate for the grant.
      5. Once the selection by the enterprise has been finished, a Regulatory Agreement for the Grant will be signed by the selected candidate and the University of Oviedo Foundation.
      6. The economic and administrative management (affiliation and contribution to the Social Security Service and monthly payments of the grant) will be a responsibility of the University of Oviedo Foundation.
    • Requirements for the Enterprise or Institutions (+)
      • Be in charge of the cost of the grants.
        • Gross remuneration
        • Fixed cost of monthly contributions, which in 2019 will be of €48.41. 
        • A fixed rate, related to management costs, of €45.00 per month per intern, plus the corresponding VAT.
      • Name a tutor in charge of the intern throughout the duration of the grant.
      • Print and give to each intern a Certificate of the grant after it is finished, including the duration of the contract, the tasks developed and an assessment of the performance of the intern.
      • Send to the FUO the Evaluation Form of the grant, as well as the Survey of Satisfaction as a Client of the FUO, duly filled in.
      • Communicate, in written form, to the FUO of any incident of change that may affect the development of a grant and its administrative management.
      • Respect the formative project as established in the Regulatory Agreement for Grants and lend the necessary collaboration and support to properly develop the tasks given to the interns during their formative periods.
      • Monitor that, at all times, the interns are performing only the tasks included in the corresponding Regulatory Agreement, and that they attend and remain in their assigned positions.
      • Inform the intern about the security and risk prevention regulations concerning the place where they will develop their tasks, facilitating the required training, in case that the premises demand a special use or involve specific risks for their healthy and safety.
    • Requirements for the Interns (+)
      • Upload their VC to the database of the FUO.
      • Perform successfully the tasks assigned by their tutor at the enterprise, during the development of their formative period.
      • Keep confidentiality over the information related to the activities performed at the enterprise and which they may access during the duration of the grant.
      • Make proper use of the premises and resources of the work place of the enterprise for which they work.
      • Abide by all the security and risk prevention regulations established by the center where they perform their internship, and never using resources that require a certain training that they have not yet received.
      • Communicate in written form to the FUO any incident or change that may affect the development of the grant and its administrative management (off-time, temporary inabilities, change of bank accounts, modifications of the IRPF, etc.)
      • Send, duly filled in, the Evaluation Form of the internship period, as well as that of Satisfaction as a Client of the FUO, after finishing the internship period.
      • Complete formative modules of the PROGRESA online course of professional competences during the internship period.