• Collaboration in Congresses and Meetings

    Innovation is a goal that can be achieved by small and medium enterprises: they only need to know who can and knows how, when and why to innovate. In order to find it out, it is important that they gather the best professionals of each field of action, that they exchange and enrich themselves with personal and professional contact of those who are at the vanguard of knowledge, research and development all around the world. This is possible when enterprises make themselves visible and collaborate in this type of meetings and scientific events.

    If you belong to an enterprise that wishes to cultivate a brand image linked to innovation, you can contact us and participate in the organization and development of congresses, exhibitions and meetings of a scientific and cultural and international nature, promoted in the sphere of the university.

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    • If you want to attend as audience, check and register in our future congresses .
    • If you want to participate in a congress or meeting related to the world of the university or contribute economically, contact our team. We will put you in contact with the teaching and research staff of the University of Oviedo that belongs to the fields of your sector, as well as with our charter of services of this area.

    In order to improve its offer of this type of services, and to guarantee its quality, the University of Oviedo Foundation is a member and founding associate of the Association of Offices of Congresses in Spanish Universities and Foundations (OCUE), created with the aim of sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences related to the organization of events and the use of university premises and services for this activity.