• Turnkey R&D and Innovation

    The University of Oviedo Foundation offers its services to companies and institutions to strengthen their capacity to compete and innovate. The Foundation helps them with the search for researchers, multidisciplinary groups and scientific equipment at the University of Oviedo that may satisfy their specific needs in terms of R&D and Innovation. It also assumes the overall administrative management of the research, development or innovation project. Its services include:

    • Identification of teaching and research staff at the University of Oviedo specialized in the industry or service of interest for your company or institution.
    • Advice regarding the drawing up and establishment of budgets for contracts and research agreements, as well as consultancy services and technical assistance.
    • Financial and administrative management of projects, including grants, public tenders and the corresponding hiring of staff.

    In accordance with the regulations established by the University of Oviedo regarding the promotion and management of the research contracts contained in Article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities, the University of Oviedo Foundation deftly and transparently assumes charge of an average of 360 projects each year linking University of Oviedo teaching and research staff with more than 280 national, European and international bodies and enterprises.