• Research Contracts

    You will find an ally in the University of Oviedo Foundation to boost your research activities and innovation applied to the needs of companies and institutions, both within and outside the socio-economic fabric of Asturias. The Foundation offers its services to provide support in the following areas:

    • Advice on the negotiation of contracts or collaboration agreements between the corresponding research team and the collaborating company or institution to develop a project or study.
    • Specialized guidance in the drawing up of budgets and the organization of the financial management of the project and in establishing the pertinent financial clauses (terms and payment methods).
    • Support in the search for public funding.
    • Financial and administrative management of contracts and agreements, as well as that of the employment relationships or internship grants that may arise from the implementation of the project.
    • Online monitoring of the accounts of FUO research projects, via the University of Oviedo Researcher's Portal.