Organization of Congresses and Knowledge Dissemination Activities

The University of Oviedo Foundation offers its services to facilitate initiatives that seek to disseminate the knowledge generated by the University of Oviedo and the development of networks and academic and professional meetings to exchange knowledge and experiences. To this end, it provides support in the organization of congresses, seminars, scientific meetings, workshops, courses and other events originating from the University of national or international scope. The help that the FUO offers you comprises the services needed to organize these types of events, including:

  • Economic management of the event.
  • Processing of public or private grants and sponsoring to finance it.
  • Preparation of dissemination documentation and structures (brochures, posters, websites, etc.).
  • Organizational secretariat services: administration of registration, certificates and diplomas.
  • Logistical assistance to participants: food, social programme, travel, accommodation.

In order to continuously improve the quality of its offer of services, the FUO is a founding member of the Association of Spanish University and University Foundation Convention Bureaus (OCUE), created with the goal of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas and experiences in the organization of events and the use of university facilities and services for this aim.