Short-listing and Management of Internships

The University of Oviedo Foundation offers its services to companies and institutions to reinforce their human capital. Through this programme, your company or institution may add to its human capital people with the appropriate kind of knowledge and skills, with the added advantage that they can be trained from the very beginning within the framework of your organizational culture. At the end of this training period, you may hire them as employees, if you deem it suitable. The Foundation's services in this respect include:

  • Short-listing of highly-skilled recent graduates with the corresponding profile.
  • Administrative and academic management of paid internship grants, of between 3 to 12 months of duration, that will not entail the establishment of an employment relationship with your company/institution, as the FUO is responsible for paying the Social Security contributions and the intern's wages from the sum of the grant.
  • Features of FUO Business Internship Training Programme grants
    • Duration: minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months.
    • Remunerated, at least €630.00 per month.
    • Maximum of 40 working hours per week.
    • Insurance:
      • Social Security membership and registration, according to the requirements of Spanish Royal Decree 1493/2011, which implies integration in the general social security scheme and contributions for common and professional contingencies. This will not include payment towards unemployment insurance, occupational training or the Social Warranty Fund (FOGASA).
      • Civil Liability Policy. 
    • The implementation of the training process does not establish any kind of employment relationship between the host company or institution and the intern.
  • Procedure for processing a grant through our Programme
    1. Collaborating companies/institutions will sign a Framework Collaboration Agreement with the University of Oviedo Foundation, initially valid for 3 years, but which may be tacitly renewed.
    2. Once the agreement is settled, the enterprises may send their offers of grants through the online application of the FUO. 
    3. The FUO will publish the offer of grants in the NEWS section of its website so that people who are interested in the offer may register on it through the website of the FUO.
    4. The FUO will preselect those candidates that fit into the profile required by the corresponding offer, and the enterprise will finally select the best candidate for the grant.
    5. Once the selection by the enterprise has been finished, a Regulatory Agreement for the Grant will be signed by the selected candidate and the University of Oviedo Foundation.
    6. The economic and administrative management (affiliation and contribution to the Social Security Service and monthly payments of the grant) will be a responsibility of the University of Oviedo Foundation.
  • Obligations of the Company or Institution
    • Assume the cost of the grants.
      • Gross remuneration
      • Fixed cost of monthly Social Security contributions, which will be €48.41, in 2019. 
      • A fixed rate, related to management costs, of €45.00 per month per intern, plus the corresponding VAT.
    • Appoint a tutor responsible for the intern throughout the duration of the grant.
    • Issue a Certificate to each intern on completion of the internship, including the duration of the contract, the work done and an assessment of the intern's performance.
    • Send the Internship Assessment Form to the FUO, as well as the FUO Client Satisfaction Survey, duly filled in.
    • Communicate to the FUO in writing any incident or change that may affect the course of an internship and its administrative management.
    • Respect the training project as established in the Regulatory Agreement regarding Internships and provide the necessary collaboration and support to properly develop the work given to the interns during their training.
    • Oversee at all times that the interns are performing only those tasks included in the corresponding Regulatory Agreement and that they attend work and remain in their assigned posts.
    • Inform the intern about safety and risk prevention regulations concerning their future workplace, facilitating the required training should the facilities demand special uses or involve specific risks for their health and safety.
  • Obligations of Interns
    • Upload their CV to the FUO database.
    • Successfully carry out the work assigned to them by their tutor at the company/institution during the course of their training.
    • Maintain confidentiality regarding the information related to the activities performed at the company/institution which they may access during the course of the internship.
    • Make proper use of the facilities and resources of the company workplace where they work.
    • Comply with all the safety and risk prevention regulations established by the centre where they carry out their internship, never using resources that require specific training that they have not yet received.
    • Inform the FUO in writing of any incident or change that may affect the course of the internship and its administrative management (sick leave, temporary incapacity to do the job, change in their bank account number, modifications in income tax rates, etc.)
    • Send the Assessment Form for the internship period duly filled in, as well as the FUO Client Satisfaction form on completing the internship.
    • Complete the training modules forming part of the PROGRESA online course on professional competences during the internship period.